Citizens for Simi Valley Schools is a group of concerned citizens who are committed to improving our public schools in Simi Valley.
The Simi Valley School District is in a financial crisis, and declining enrollment is the
most significant factor which has caused our current budget crisis. Declining enrollment was at first only a symptom of families who had lost faith in our schools. Now it is a spiraling problem with cascading consequences. As revenues shrink, good teachers are laid off and critical resources are lost for our classrooms. In the end, students, teachers, parents, and the local economy suffer as a result.
We need district leadership that will address these issues head on and with complete
transparency to the public. We need district leadership that will actually listen to the
concerns of the teachers, the parents, and the community as a whole.
Our purpose is simple:
Our children deserve the best public school system we can provide.
Great schools are an essential cornerstone of a strong and vibrant community.
To have great schools, our school district must have great leadership.
It’s Time For A Change!

Our Children Deserve Better.  Our Teachers Deserve Better.
Our Community Deserves Better.

We Need Your Help!
If you believe we can make a difference in our schools
then please JOIN Our Team!

Please feel free to contact us at